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The Indian Society of Blood Transfusion & Immunohaematology (ISBTI) was established in October 1972 as a result of the deliberations of 56 committed social activists who had assembled in Chandigarh for a conference on voluntary blood donation to meet the felt need of blood during war like situations. The immediate cause was Indo Pak war in 1971. The society was formed with the object of improving the unsatisfactory state of blood banking and to motivate people on a very large scale... View More


With the blessings of the ALMIGHTY, we are privileged to invite you to the 45TH Annual National Conference ‘TRANSCON- 2020’ scheduled to be held in virtual platform for the first time in India on 27th and 28th Feb 2021; organised by the Tamilnadu Chapter of ISBTI. Tamilnadu is well known for its temples, Tamil literature, unpolluted beaches, the Western Ghats and wildlife, tribal culture, traditional music, dance, handicrafts and handlooms etc.

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